January 26th, 2007

pissed tink

30 and 5 days!

So last night I said goodbye to my 20's. Its sad. So many learning experience were had in my 20's so many life changing things. The first years of my 20's pretty much sucked ass but the last half I grew into who I am today. I worked hard on me and learned so much about myself and discovered what I really wanted out of life. I also had so many wonderful people come into my life and such amazing things happen to me. I would have to say 29 was my best year. I got married to a amazing man, my daughter came to live with me, I got pregnant with a little girl who I know is going to bring so much more sunshine into the 3 of our lives. Also I had some great times throughout this year with some great people (all of you) and a few others. Yes my 20's were tough at some points and wonderful at others. I really will miss them and all they brought me and how they changed me. So now I am 30 and am looking forward to seeing what is in store for me now. So far 30 has brought me a cup of coffee and some serious heartburn :) now if it'd only bring me a baby and a flat tummy. I miss seeing my toes :) Anyway we decided to wait till a few weeks after the baby gets here to have my b-day party. I just haven't felt up to much of anything here lately. Instead of having a party Andrew and I are going to dinner at Ruth Chris.mmmmmm meaty meaty steak. Im looking forward to it.

5 Days. Thats how much longer I have till I will be pushing a baby out (i hope) We are going to head up to Arlington on Tuesday around 10ish and get Adora in bed at Andrews moms house and then Andrew, Carolyn and I are headed to the Arlington hospital to start the long night. At midnight they plan on starting something called cervadil to soften my cervix and then at 8 the next morning they will start the patocin (sp) which should start contractions. So my hope is that I will be in labor like 10 minutes and have a baby by ummmm...lets say 8:15 and then by 8:20 I can have that long awaited glass (bottle) of wine!! Hahahaha thats not gonna happen but one can wish! Anyway so yes a exciting week to come and cant say how ready I am. I remember Amy saying at one time "im so glad its you pregnant and not me!" I get it now. This last couple of weeks have been miserable and as the days go by they seem to get worse. Physically, mentally, emotionally all of it. 5 more days........
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